After the Rain [for Michael Lynn, 2012]

An Evening at Casa Nuestra  [for Katrina, Gene, and Liam, Napa Valley, 2013]

A Silence at the Edge of Music [in honor of Cathy Meints, 2016]

A Suite from the Baroque  [a villanelle for Chris Krueger, 2012]

A Tilted Ground  [a sestina for Carol Copeland on her 90th birthday]

A Villanelle [for Carol Hoffmann, 2005]

Another Eagle   [written on a kayaking trip in Alaska]

Beginning Viol Class  [an Italian sonnet for Mary Anne Ballard; the class was at the Baroque Performance Institute at Oberlin]

Brahms Trio    [This sonnet was written during the last full year we owned Point CounterPoint Music Camp]

Deer Hill    [This was written in the Navajo territory on a trip with friends, after a death in the family. Deer Hill is an outdoor adventure school]

Getting Serious about Music    [for Chris Krueger, 2016]

Most of the Day

Orkney Ruins  [written on leaving Orkney, 2016]

Playing by Memory  [for Marcelle and Paul Lipke; written after Early Music Week at Pinewoods, Massachusetts, 2008; as published in the Pinewoods newsletter]

Poetry [a sonnet for Marilyn McDonald, 2011]

Reading “The Snow Man”   [“The Snow Man” is a poem by Wallace Stevens]

Saints [written on an exhibition of Renaissance art at the Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin 2013]

The Caldwell Collection at Night [an Italian sonnet for Cathy Meints Caldwell, 2012, published later in The Caldwell Collection of Viols]

The cat rolls over

The Muse’s Lament [a sonnet for Florence Peacock, 2012]

Tombeau for M. Froberger [in terse rima, for Webb Wiggins, 2011. Froberger was a Baroque harpsichordist and composer in the 17th century; I imagine him dying in the chateau of Sybilla, Duchess of Montbéliard. One of Froberger’s harpsichord pieces describes the death of a lutenist by a fall downstairs. Webb Wiggins’s superb performances of Froberger can be found at Amazon.

Watching Humpback Whales from a Beach at Low Tide  [written on a kayaking trip in Alaska]

Weaving [for Carol Copeland on her 70th birthday, 1984]

Well Hall  [a villanelle for Mary Briggs and John Krzywicki, written after Early Music Week, 2007. “Well Hall” is an English country dance. My poem was set to music by Mary Alice Amidon: here’s the score, and here’s she and I playing it]